My best holiday in the farm

My best holiday in the farm

3 juin 2019 Non Par Méline

I went to Charente Maritime, at my grandparents’ farm Métairie à Panier. I was with my little sister, Maëlle, and my little brother, Romain. My mother came the last day. Y was with my uncles, my aunts and my cousins who are called : Quentin, Thibaut, Clément, Léonie, Nelle, Jeanne, Sasha and Noa.

My grandparents have a farm. There was a lot of caws, hens and tractors. With my cousins, ecept Quentin, because he is seventeen years old, we played at making weapons in wood to attache each other. Of course, it was for fake ! We played in huts where we made food with water, flowers and sand. It was great !

Next, we organized a walk for our parents and grandparents. We prepared food with a treasure hunt. It was super !

Then, we did a music show because we formed a real orchestra ! Léonie played the clarinet, Clément the saxophone, Nell and Maëlle the violin, Thibaut played the piano, Jeanne the trumpet and I played the flûte. As my cousins live at the Métairie, they are in the same music school. This show was too good !

Finally, we celebrated Maëlle’s birthay. I offered him a book, I draw drawings of violin and dancer in the book. She was very happy.

Conclusion : these holidays were great, I eager to return to the farm.

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